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Vitamin Pharmacy Scandinavia (Company Number: 556487-6836) 

About us and the Solgar products history.

Vitamin Pharmacy Scandinavia is an authorized reseller for Stacktheme Limited which provides the Solgar Products range. As we always strive to supply only health food products of highest quality Solgar became the natural choice. Solgar which is now owned by NBTY International is one of the oldest health food supplements companies in the world and they recently celebrated 60 years anniversary. Few other manufacturers of health food supplement products can match what Solgar has to offer you as a customer. Let us tell you why we think Solgar is the best health food supplement producer on the market today.

The Solgar Vision: Leading the way to a healthier world. 
Solgar is driven by the science of nutrition and they adhere to the highest global standards for the manufacture of all their products. Meticulous research, uncompromising quality, state of the art manufacturing and comprehensive education are as critical to Solgar as the high quality botanicals, vitamins and minerals in their formulas. For more than 60 years Solgar has been setting the Gold Standard for nutritional health food supplements.

Solgar is very passionate about quality.
Quality is an integral component of Solgars comprehensive system of checks and balances, which is unsurpassed in the industry. More than 400 health food supplements proudly wear the Solgar GOLD LABEL®. Solgar receives tons of the finest raw materials from the best suppliers. Once the raw materials are received, Solgar immediately draws random samples. These samples are rushed to Quality control while the bulk is placed in 'Quarantine' pending testing on the samples. A full spectrum of microbiological and chemical testing is conducted on every batch of raw material to determine the purity, potency and identity of each ingredient. Solgars skilled scientists utilize state-of-the-art High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography testing. The material is released into the warehouse for manufacturing only if the samples meet their established specifications. This commitment to quality requires enormous investment in both time and money, but at Solgar they feel it's the only way to guarantee consumer satisfaction. Everything Solgar does - from choosing the finest natural raw materials, to state-of-the-art manufacturing, to the package that appears on the shelf - must meet the Gold Standard of Excellence. This investment reflects Solgar's commitment to maintaining their position as a world leader in nutritional science. Each Solgar label has a complete listing of nutritional information and every product is clearly labelled with a use-by date for peak potency. That means each product will satisfy 100% of its label claim for active ingredients through the date printed on the bottle.

The Science of Solgar health food supplements
At Solgar they use sophisticated and thorough methods of testing to ensure the quality of their products. Solgar boasts an industry leading team of experts, including Ph.D.'s, nutritionists, scientists and laboratory technicians. Each is a specialist in a variety of Research and Development (R&D) functions. These professionals, along with their research partners, validate new analytical methods, create test batches, and conduct product stability and safety testing. These experts perform their craft in state-of-the-art research facilities. Solgars on-site quality control team work to ensure that every product meets the Solgar gold standard. Before the each product is launched it must undergo their exhaustive formulation process and all of their raw materials must go through rigorous testing to ensure that the best methods for drying, preparing and mixing ingredients are identified and used each and every time the product is manufactured - making the last tablet or capsule in a Solgar bottle as beneficial as the first. Every batch is tested before it is released for purity, potency and identification. When appropriate Solgar even employs approved independent 3rd parties to carry out further extensive testing. All of Solgars products are specifically designed to digest in appropriate rates to provide the desired benefit to the customer - this varies for every product. The most effective method of delivery for each is determined and tested by Solgar's Product Development Team. A recent £15 million investment in their manufacturing facilities has meant that Solgar is able to deliver its gold standard to customers worldwide.

The Solgar History
From humble beginnings on the East Side of Manhattan, Solgar has grown into one of the industry's oldest and most respected researchers and manufacturers of nutritional health food supplement, available in health food stores across the world. For over 60 years the science of nutrition and comprehensive education programs have been as crucial to the company as the high-quality botanicals, vitamins and minerals in their formulas. Solgars wide selection of products and their dedication to nutritional research - is perhaps why they are best known as experts in nutrition.

Solgar's Manufacturing Process
Solgar's manufacturing facility is completely up-to-date in both design and function. their pharmaceutical-grade equipment meets the highest standards for machinery, procedures, environmentalism and Quality control. Solgars facility is equipped with state-of-the-art air filtration and water purification systems - making sure that Solgar quality isn't compromised at any time during the manufacturing process.  Solgar complies with all current dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Solgar's products are manufactured in small batches to ensure freshness. Detailed records and a dual signature sign-off are required for each step of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing complete accountability. Solgars on-site quality assurance laboratories employ a rigorous system of quality controls to ensure every batch meets their Gold Standard for purity and potency.  Solgar is committed to protecting the environment. They use purified water and environmentally friendly "green" cleaners when preparing equipment between batches. Solgars facility is also equipped with noise reduction baffles and an exhaust filtration system to help minimize the environmental impact on the neighbours.

Solgars Environmental Responsibility
Solgar's commitment to quality continues through its work to care for the environment. Concern for the environment was one of Solgar's founding philosophies and is a fundamental guiding principal today.

Solgars Supplements Ingredients
All of the ingredients used by Solgar are natural and tested for their quality and purity, and does not have a negative impact on the environment. For example Solgar's herbs are sustainably tested, making sure that the indigenous species of plants can continue to thrive in their natural habitat. 
Waste and Pollution reduction
All Solgar products are made with 100% purified water to eliminate contaminants and they go to great lengths to make sure that no manufacturing residues are released into the local water supply. This is also why Solgar uses environmentally friendly "green" cleaners when preparing equipment between batches. And thats also why the Solgar facility is also equipped with noise reduction baffles and an exhaust filtration system to help minimize the environmental impact.

Solgars Packaging
The whole range of multi award-winning products are packed in guaranteed 100% recyclable glass bottles that are also non-leaching, non-porous and odourless. But did you know even the packing at the top of the bottle is made from recycled wood pulp? And the packing materials used for deliveries are recycled: egg cartons, locally sourced newspaper off-cuts and boxes made up of environmental grade cardboard.

The Carbon Neutral Initiative
For any lesser company all of the previous initiatives would be enough, but not for Solgar; and perhaps the biggest mark of Solgar's commitment to lessen its impact on the environment is its Carbon Neutral initiative. In partnership with The CarbonNeutral Company all of Solgar's deliveries to the independent health food stores and all of its company cars are Carbon Neutral. This means Solgar's emissions (which have been calculated by the ECCM - Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management) have been 'neutralised' through the creation of several new native indigenous woodlands across the UK. Some of the sites that Solgar have helped establish include Priory Farm in Warwickshire and Orbost on the Isle of Skye. To date Solgar has planted over 7500 tree saplings across the country, 2500 of which are dedicated to Solgar's customers across the UK and Ireland. As well as soaking up the carbon dioxide emissions generated by Solgar's deliveries and fleet as they grow, these fantastic forestry projects help to create new native woodland across the UK that will encourage bio-diversity and be enjoyed by generations to come.

The Solgar Environmental Group
Solgar's UK office has its own environmental group that meet regularly, and their enthusiasm has led to on-site bottle-recycling bins for any returns and a paper/plastic bailer where all plastic and paper office waste (and even some from the team's homes as well!) are recycled. There is a formalised office paper recycling system and fair-trade teas and coffee for all! With all of their marketing materials produced on environmental grade/recycled papers, Solgar can truly claim that from manufacturing to distribution, their care for the environment is unsurpassed.